Hand Roller Pressure Point Therapy Neck Relieve


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It massages, squeezes, and kneads away all tensions and pain!!!


  • This cervical spine massager has six soft and elastic bump roller massage heads, allowing you to freely adjust the direction of the massage head and massage the cervical spine points according to actual needs.
Plastic Pressure Point Therapy Neck Relieve Hand Roller 🔥HOT SALE 50%🔥
  • The swan shape and double-curved line design make the shoulder and neck more comfortable, and it is convenient for you to relax the cervical spine anytime, anywhere.
  • The elastic support made of PP material is skin-friendly, durable, elastic and not easy to break.
Plastic Pressure Point Therapy Neck Relieve Hand Roller 🔥HOT SALE 50%🔥
  • The non-slip handle conforms to the ergonomic design, which is easy to control the strength and use, and the grip feels comfortable.
Plastic Pressure Point Therapy Neck Relieve Hand Roller 🔥HOT SALE 50%🔥
  • It can be used not only on the neck, but also on multiple parts of the whole body.
Plastic Pressure Point Therapy Neck Relieve Hand Roller 🔥HOT SALE 50%🔥
  • It is suitable for people who sit for a long time at work, people with lowered heads, cervical discomfort, and people with incorrect sitting postures.


  • Material: PP+TPR
  • Weight: 248g
  • Size: 13.7 x 7in / 35 x 18cm


  • 1 * Hand Roller Pressure Point Therapy Neck Relieve


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I got IMMEDIATE relief!! I actually couldn't believe it! You can control the pressure easily, the balls are firm enough to give you "relief and release" yet not so hard that they hurt, and with a little practice-I was able to actually use it to release tension in the back of my skull, muscles along base of my skull, all down sides and back of my neck and across tops of my shoulder blades. Within a matter of a few minutes, and a few deep breaths, I felt completely different. Only someone with ongoing fibromyalgia pain might understand what I am saying, but you just can't get 18-20 trigger point injections on a regular basis!! THIS I can rely on regularly!


I didn't expect to be super impressed... yet here I am, writing a review because I am indeed, super impressed. If you find a bit of relief from that amazing pain of a deep tissue massage and suffer from neck tension, this product is absolutely worth the ridiculously low price. I wholeheartedly recommend this, and am confident that most folks will enjoy this irrespective of neck pain.


I have been suffering from a screwed up thoracic spinal area for a good couple decades, and have tried all kinds of massage products. The big knobby S hook was the one I thought most effective before, but then a masseuse recommended this device. This is without question, a superior product!


It's good for people who has cervical pain. You can control the power by yourself. Meanwhile, it’s more convenience than use your hand. Using it after long time work or study, it’s release the neck’s pressure and feeling comfortable. Recommend for people who long time working with computer.


I absolutely LOVE this thing.! I can massage my neck and shoulders for as long as I want with literally no muscle fatigue, and I can use as much or as little pressure as I need. Absolutely wonderful. The foam balls are relatively firm, but perfectly comfortable. The whole thing is made of what seems to be very heavy duty rubber, so no worry about breaking it. 15/10 rating!!